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I believe that what we may see as a “healthy diet” can often seem unattainable for many people. This may be due to socio-economic reasons, limitations in accessing a variety of foods, educational opportunity and skills, physical ability and many more reasons. Considering our individual ability to access and prepare a variety of foods that help our bodies feel well is something I take time to explore, with groups and clients. Feeling heard in our challenges with food access and choice helps us to better understand and navigate what options are available to us and that can help support us in our nutrition journey. 


Being in the kitchen is something I really enjoy whether its testing new recipes, discovering an ingredient I haven’t used before or trying out different approaches to food preparation such as fermentation. Acknowledging some of the limitations people experience when it comes to food access and kitchen skills is important in this inclusive conversation. Whilst my aim is to provide recipes and ideas that will hopefully suit and feel attainable for everyone, I do appreciate that it is a challenge to meet everyone’s needs and that some content may still feel unattainable. My hope is to encourage you to feel inspired and consider taking what works for you.   

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