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In - Person Consultation

Nutritional Therapy involves a bit of investigation into what is causing your health concern. This involves a detailed questionnaire, to complete in your own time before our initial consultation, to help inform me of how you are experiencing your health symptoms. If you have a diagnosis, I ask you to be under the care of a medical practitioner. 

I will also enquire about your food intake via a three-day diet diary where I invite you to note what you eat and in what context you are enjoying your meals and snacks. 


Depending on your health concerns and goals I will provide tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice and support with resources and recipes that may be beneficial. As part of your health journey it may also be beneficial for you to take some nutritional or botanical supplements. There may be situations where your health requires further objective investigation where I may suggest functional laboratory testing. These tests are from external laboratories, are highly individualised and come with additional cost to the consultation fee.


Group Talks

I also offer public talks on a variety of nutrition topics including bone health in older adults, optimising digestion and gut health, supporting pre-menstrual syndrome and hormonal health, dietary support during menopause, navigating “diet culture” for a positive relationship with food, supporting parents to help their children foster a healthy relationship with food, nutrition in managing stress, and the impact of food and mood.

Pricing on an individual basis, please contact for more information

Prices On Request
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