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Food Fermentation Workshops


Delicious Gut-Boosting

Fermented Foods!

The fermentation of vegetables is an age old culinary practice that dates back thousands of years. The discovery of preserving vegetables by adding salt paved the way to not only prolong the harvest but also produce a whole host of nutritional benefits! Fermented vegetables are a wonderful source of vitamin C and probiotic bacteria, known to support healthy digestive function. Research also shows the many benefits that a healthy balance of microbes in our gut impacts many other aspects of our health from our bones, hormones, blood sugar regulation, mental health and much more.

With a little preparation and time you can create the most delicious vegetable ferments that will add so much flavour and colour to your meals. A simple cheese toastie or bowl of rice can be transformed with a side of fermented carrots, sauerkraut or with a drizzle of fermented garlic pesto.

Come and join me on a culinary adventure with a difference where I can show you how to combine different vegetables with herbs and spices to make the most delicious of ferments. I will also Include a variety of fermented drinks such as water kefir and kombucha. 

I so look forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful culinary skill!

Stay tuned for further dates...

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