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Women's Health

I enjoy supporting women in their health journey, by helping them discover what works for them, applying science to help understand their bodies and the power that our cyclical nature has on our quality of life. Nutrition has supported me through various life stages already and I enjoy helping to empower women take care of themselves.  

Much of women’s health and quality of life is guided by our cyclical hormonal nature. Whether during our fertile years or as we approach or conclude menopause, our food choices, eating behaviours and lifestyle choices may have a profound effect on the function of our hormones and, in turn, our health and wellbeing. 

As women* we are subjected to an intense diet culture which can create body-dissatisfaction, disordered eating habits and self-esteem issues. I feel it is important to dispel widespread misconceptions about health, nutrition, body shape and size to foster resilience and better understanding of what is uniquely suited to each individual without feeling pressured to conform to perceived societal standards. 

*Men are certainly not exempt from the pressures of diet culture.

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