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Yoga and Nutrition

I’m delighted to be collaborating with Niamh Daly Yoga teacher from to bring together a series of unique yoga and nutrition workshops exploring different aspects of health and wellbeing.

Niamh is a highly experienced Yoga teacher who offers a wonderfully nurturing, relaxing and intelligent approach to Yoga in her classes, workshops and retreats. As part of our 4 hours workshop Niamh and I combine yoga sequences and nutrition information that are supportive to different aspects of our health.


We offer practical insights, the wide reaching benefits  of Yoga and specific recipes that will help you employ these measures to further your yoga practice, nutrition knowledge and your understanding of the place that food and self-care can provide for your health and wellbeing.

To complete our time together, a delicious and nutritious taster lunch is offered to bring together all the elements explored in the workshop with the hope of leaving both your heart and belly full.

We so look forward to meeting you at our workshops!

Our Workshops

Thank you for visiting the workshop page here on my website. What a very strange time it has been since March with the accomapnying uncertainty of Covid 19. The current restrictions in place have meant myself and Niamh have postponed all our up and coming workshops till further notice. If you are interested in, and or have any questions regarding any of the workshops below, please do get in touch with either of us. For those of you interested in Niamh Daly's Yoga for Menopause Training or her wonderful mini retreat for Easing Menopause, I will be contributing nutrition information to both of these online offerings.

In the meantime, I hope you stay safe and well and I look forward to connecting with you at future events.



Details for our most popular workshop will be released upon updated HSE and Government guidelines in regard to Covid-19 restrictions.

Yoga and Nutritional Therapy for Peri/Menopause

The years leading up to the cessation of our menstrual cycle is known as the peri-menopausal phase. A time when our female sex hormones are fluctuating with their inevitable decline, often causing symptoms such as hot flushes, fatigue and mood swings. Yoga and nutritional therapy can help you with key physical needs of this time: Bone density; muscle mass; cardio-vascular health; joint mobility, and with easing stress, poor sleep, fatigue, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem that can be a struggle during your peri-menopause and beyond.

In this comprehensive 4-hour workshop we will help you learn what you may need for support in your approach to, or during peri/menopause. Niamh will guide you through 2 Yoga practices to help ground and energise you, and meditations to help bring you away from resistance and fear.

I will take you through evidence informed nutrition topics with the aim to help you feel more empowered yet compassionate with your food choices. Together we will enjoy  a delicious lunch, and finish with deep rest and meditation. There will be handouts with recipes and information on yoga practices provided to compliment this informative and experiential workshop. I do hope you can join us.


Workshops also rolling out in 2020

Gut Health

Bone Health

Fatigue and Energy Balance

More To Follow


We hope to bring you this workshop when we have more information as per HSE and Government guidelines in regard to Covid-19 restrictions.

Fostering a Healthy Relationship with Food and Body

Ever considered what drives your food choices and how those food choices make you feel? It is plausible to say that we all have a relationship with food. There may be times where how we feel about our food choices can leave us feeling less than good about ourselves. Also we may feel we need to follow restrictive eating behaviours that don’t serve our emotional health and wellbeing eliciting a rollercoaster of alternating dieting and uninhibited eating episodes.


In this workshop Niamh will lead us in a practice that guides us towards a deep sense of self-compassion, with yoga that meets you where you are, and offers your body the message that you are enough. And I will invite you to consider what can shape our relationship with food and gentle ways to move forward to a more positive place where we can enjoy a variety of foods free from “diet culture”.