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Zesty and Creamy Overnight Oats

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Last Easter we were lucky enough to have a wonderful family ski-ing holiday in Austria. Situated at the bottom of the ski resort was our incredible hotel accomodation with everything any skiier and non-skiier could hope for to enjoy a wonderfully active or relaxing holiday. It was made extra special as it was surprisingly one of the most inclusive family holiday’s we have been able to enjoy with all of our children on the slopes.

As with most foodies, the highlight of a holiday includes the food! Particularly our breakfast options were incredible from beautiful baskets of rye breads, platters of smoked salmon, fruit salads, pancakes and even a rack of honey comb to help ourselves to! Amongst our favourite was a delicious traditional soaked Bircher meusli. Piled high with seeds and chopped nuts it was the perfect start to a day on the slopes. We loved it so much we asked the chef for the recipe! Most Bircher meusli’s are made with fruit juice and sometimes added sugar. They taste great but may not be suitable for those with blood sugar imbalances.

In a bid to recreate this traditional soaked meusli I’ve taken the original idea of using fruit juice as part of the base and gone one step further to provide a boost of fibre and nutrients to keep those gut bugs and taste buds happy. Using the whole fruits, blitzed with creamy yogurt and a splash of your favourite milk is the perfect mix to add the oats and other ingredients. Rich in minerals for your bone health, fibre for your digestion and warming spices makes this simple bowl of comforting oats a great way to start your day.

Easy wholesome breakfast bowl
EarthCookEat Zesty and Creamy Overnight Oats


Serves 2-3

1 large orange peeled

1 large apple with skin on

1 tsp cinnamon, pinch of salt

4 tablespoons pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds

2 table spoons live natural yogurt (or kefir)

150ml of milk-of-choice (I like cashew milk to make it lovely and creamy)

150g oats

To top; Live yogurt, hemp seeds and berries/fruit of choice


In a food processor of blender liquidise the orange segments and apple. Add the cinnamon, salt, pumpkin seeds, yogurt and milk and blend again till smooth. In a large bowl mix together the blended ingredients with the oats and stir till well combined. Leave to soak overnight in the fridge. When ready to enjoy, portion out the soaked oats and top with yogurt, berries, ground seeds, chopped nuts and or some dessicated coconut.


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