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Earth Cook Eat

Nutritional Therapy That Works With You

Earth Cook Eat

Nutritional Therapy That Works With You

Meet Petra

Nutrition BSc (Hons), Dip NT, mNTOI
Nutritional Therapist. Mother of Four. Home Cook. Gardener. Fruit & Vegetable Grower. Promoting Intuitive Eating & Body Positive Nutrition.

Welcome to my site Earth Cook Eat


As a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI), my passion for exploring food combinations - both nutritionally and creatively – elevates the health of my clients and also my family. My favourite food explorations include fermentation and family meals, as well as tending a small mixed vegetable and flower garden. My essential “value time” is spent out-of-doors; hiking, sea swimming and walking my sweet dog, Lucy, as well as yoga and exploring personal insights through writing and journaling.


I highly value the intricate relationship between nature, our bodies and minds - how eating behaviour affects our lives and how nutrition needs vary during our lifespan, depending on our lifestyle, gender, genetics and life-stage.

Fostering and supporting a positive relationship with body and self to regain and maintain a sense of balance and trust with food and eating can inspire, empower and profoundly impact our lives.

Food is not only nutrition, but a potential creative, social, healing and soulfully-nourishing aspect of life. Making this connection helps us step into our power and care for ourselves and those we love.” ~ Petra

Meet Petra

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Why Naturopathy

Nutritional Therapy is the understanding and therapeutic appliance of evidence-based nutrition science to address imbalances within the body. Our foundational knowledge stems from the Functional Medicine perspective that all physiological systems closely interact and impact each other.


By investigating the root cause of imbalance, we can tailor dietary recommendations and lifestyle intervention to support the whole self and optimise health and wellbeing. There may be times where additional functional testing is required and the application of nutraceutical supplements recommended. Nutritional Therapy can help with gut health such as IBS, constipation or heartburn, with hormonal imbalances such as PMS, fertility or transitioning through the menopause and with energy levels, mood and simply optimising nutrition status.

My Focus

Gut Health

Optimising digestion; our potential foundation for physical and mental health. Read More ...


Considering affordability and practical applications to food access and preparation.

Read More ....

Children's Health

Supporting your child’s nutrition needs for healthy growth and learning. Read More ...

Fostering A Healthy Relationship
With Food

Nurturing ways in which we can feel good about our food choices and body. Read More ...

Women's Health

Food, lifestyle and hormonal health for a sustainable and realistic wellbeing.

Read More ...

Weight Inclusive

Exploring health behaviours for all bodies that help you feel well.

Read More ...



"Petra came to talk to our Over 55's Walking and Exercise Group on the subject of nutrition and bone health. Having explained the need for us to be aware of good bone health throughout our lives, she outlined clearly how we can help ourselves through diet and exercise.  She gave us a selection of  appropriately nutritious and attractive  recipes and brought along a selection of interesting  food items to consider adding to our store cupboards.  Her  talk was a great eye opener for us and she had a very clear and easy style of delivery."

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Greystones , Co Wicklow, Ireland

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